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Chapter Audio Conferences & CD Rental Program

Audio Conference CD Rental Program

Have you missed one of our previously hosted audio conference? Did you attend an audio conference and wish your fellow staff members or members of your Board of Directors could have attended? Now you can rent an audio conference CD from the Chapter's Library for use at your office. The rental period is for two weeks (from delivery date to return date). A postage paid return envelope will be included with the shipment of the CD. The cost per rental for AFP members is $35 and $50 for non-members. Our Chapter Audio Conference Library includes the following sessions. More CDs will be added throughout the year, so be sure to check back soon.

Face-to-Face Basics: Integrating Individuals into your Development Plan
Presented by Amy Eisenstein, MPA, CFRE

How to Identify & Talk with Major Donors
Presented by Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE and Phil Schumacher, ACFRE 

Legacy Giving Building Blocks - A Simple Approach to Attracting Long-Term Support 2011
Presented by Caleb B. Rick, JD and Greg Lassonde, CFRE 

Selling Major Sponsors
Presented by Phil Immordino 

Small Shop Success:  Juggling 101 - Knowing How to Keep the Right Development Balls in the Air
Presented by Amy Wolfe 

Strengthening Foundation Relationships
Presented by John Greenhoe, CFRE  

The Secrets of Consultants
Presented by Penelope Cagney, CFRE 

Warming the "Cold" Call: Effective Strategies for Major Gift Prospect Identification and Qualification
Presented by John Greenhoe, CFRE 

Click here to download the Audio Conference CD Rental Agreement and credit card payment form.

If you have any questions, please call our Chapter Administrator, Sherry Griffin Grundy at (775) 220-3993
or via email at